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  • It is so easy to use that without having to read the manual or use help, I had a slideshow up and running in a few seconds...

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Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard User Guide

Movie Making as Easy as 1-2-3: Organize, Personalize and Create

As far as we know, DVD Slideshow Builder Standard is the DVD movie maker in the market for its ease of usage and high quality results. The program interface is self-expressed. You are able to make movie from pictures and music in a few clicks.

Step 1: Add Photos and Organize

When you open the program, a default movie project is there. Simply start from adding photos from computer, connected camera and other devices. DVD Slideshow Builder Standard supports all popular image formats such as GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF.

Add Photos and Organize
Make a movie from pictures and music

To organize added photos, simply drag a desired photo and drop to a new position. Click 'Expand' button to have a larger view to organize photos.

Step 2: Personalize with Movie Styles

Styles are slideshow themes with premade backgrounds, well-designed transition/Ken-burns effects, animations and special effects. It enables you to bring still image to life immediately and like a pro. Simple by double-clicking or drag-n-drop, styles will be applied to specified photos (from 1-9). As you could see below, the applied style and the target photos form a segment (clip). All these segments make a movie. After switch to Timeline view, you can change segment duration by dragging left or right.

Personalize with Movie Styles
Turn Photos to Hollywood-style Movies

You can specify favorite styles to photos and combine these styles optionally to make a personalized photo movie. Besides, DVD Slideshow Builder Standard includes lots of visual effects, funny cliparts, sound effects and animated Intro/Credit clips. All is ready-to-use, simply drag and drop to add to your movie either for fun or for professional-looking.

Step 3: Burn Movies to DVD or Create Videos

Now, it's the time to harvest. You are only one step away from sharing your masterpiece with others. To share on TV, burn your movie to DVD with a good-looking DVD menu (of course you can make a DVD without menu) ; To share on web, say YouTubeand Facebook, you could either select Save to Computer; And if you want to watch created movies on mobile devices, simply select Save to Mobile Device. Optimized profiles are provided. No more settings to output videos for mobile devices.

Burn Movies to DVD or Create Videos

Click the Preview button in menu work space to preview entire movie with remote control on the right. Directly click the remote numbers to go to specific slideshow movie. While previewing, double-click on video to watch in full-screen (press ESC key to exit).

Now you can directly upload your movie and slideshow to YouTube!

Note: Save to HD & Save to Apple Device options are NOT available in DVD Slideshow Builder Standard. You need to upgrade to DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe to access these features.

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